Meet the twins:

Meet Kathryn and Kendra, 23 year old identical twins from Sonoma County, California. Together, these inseparable twins live to push themselves on the daily, in and outside of the gym. The result of this lifestyle has changed their lives in the most positive, unimaginable way.  Strong, confident and free of restricted dieting, these sisters live to spread immense happiness and gained knowledge for others to experience as well. However, just like most of you, their fitness journey started off rough. From doing hours of cardio, low carb diets and settling into prolonged physique plateaus, they had to undergo many trial and errors. Today, they strive to give individuals the proper tools they gained over their fitness experience. Together, you can learn to trust the process and see the results begin to change your body and life!

Our story:

 We both fell in love with weightlifting and proper nutrition nearly five years ago when we were faced with the decision to quit playing soccer. After years of playing competitively we developed numerous injuries including torn ACL’s resulting in 5 knee surgeries between the two of us. We decided it was in our best interest to hang up our cleats for good. 

 As a result of the sudden lifestyle change, we saw an immediate drift in our mind set and body composition. We realized it was time for a gym member ship, hitting the treadmill and Ab machines nearly 7 times a week. We lacked a clear direction and knowledge of what to do in and out of the gym. Of course, cardio and eating less food seemed ideal. We quickly became slaves to cardio workouts and restricted, boring diets. Of course we initially lost some body fat, but we ruined our metabolism in the process. Terrified to gain back the fat, we were stuck in a vicious cycle of forced long bouts of cardio and low carb meals. We didn't want to live like this any longer. We knew there had to be a way to live a fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

 Hungry (literally) for change and answers, we decided the only way out was to trust the process, be patient and do some serious personal experimentation in terms of workouts and food. During this time, we both underwent strategic metabolic repairing, positive mental strengthening and most importantly, began to incorporate a proper weightlifting regime. Almost a year later, we were finally beginning to see the results we had been striving for all along while simultaneously living a balanced, happy lifestyle. We were sculpting the body of our dreams through limited cardio, hearty meals and fun workouts. 

 Although the process to get here was rough, the outcome was 100% worth it. Our unique journey has given us the knowledge to understand exactly what the body needs in order to reach any physique goal in a happy and sustainable way!